Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What's Up Wednesday 6/25/14

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme for readers and writers to give updates on what's happening in their lives. If you want to find out to find out more check out Jaime Morrow's blog and sign up.

What I'm Reading: I'm still The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White. Has it been a week already? Wow, it doesn't feel like it. I'm also reading Bossypants by Tina Fey. Hilarious, of course.

What I'm Writing:  Still working on that synopsis. Camp NaNoWriMo is in a week. I'm exciting to get back into that groove and work on my new story. More details about my week here.

What Inspires Me Right Now: 
 I got some feedback on my MS from a friend this weekend. We basically spent the entire weekend texting each other about the story and characters. A lot of it was positive feedback. I had to clarify some of the pesky details I skimmed over in the MS. You know when you have a vision in your head about what you want your novel to be. Then when someone else reads it and doesn't understand, you have to explain it to them. That's really an eye opener. So now I have to take those explanations and add them into the novel.

What Else and I've Been Up To: 
I did a thing...

What's up with you? How is your week going?

Happy Reading!


  1. Great photos :D Your new style really suits you! No wonder you look so happy ^_^

    I know what you mean about having to clarify. Sometimes I forget that the reader isn't actually in my head, so when I assume I'm making perfect sense...aaaah I'm really not :P And that's why beta readers are worth their weight in gold.

  2. I love having the opportunity to talk to someone about my book. It helps so much! Good luck getting ready for Camp Nanowrimo. It is so tempting! But no...I really shouldn't. Love your hair!

  3. Ahh, that feeling of having to explain what a test-reader just read... I know that feeling. Hard when you know something doesn't quite work, but you're not a 100% sure why. Keep up the writing!

  4. Getting input from others is always a good thing! It can really help to clarify what might not quite be working - it's so hard to judge your own writing objectively! Best of luck this week! :)

  5. How great to get input from a friend-- that's awesome! There's nothing like a sounding board.
    Ah, I loved Bossypants so much I read it twice (but that cover photo with the man arms gives me the willies). Tina Fey is my hero.

  6. Oh, good luck with Camp NaNo! I've never taken part, but I have done regular old NaNo in November. I know exactly what you mean about having to explain story things. I think sometimes what I'm seeing in my head doesn't always make it onto the page. That's where feedback is great, hey? Hope you have a wonderful week, Leslie! :D

  7. I really need to read Bossypants. I love Tina Fey, so it's been on my list for awhile.

    I love your hair! It looks great!

  8. The Chaos of Stars sounds like an interesting read - it's cover's gorgeous! :)

    I know exactly what you mean regarding those explanations - even though it can sometimes be frustrating it's always helpful when you know where you need to clarify. Good luck with tweaking those details!

    Love your hair, have a great week!

  9. Isn't it amazing, the things readers pick up on (or don't pick up on)? So helpful, especially in the early going.

    Also, lovely as your hair is, your smile outshines it about a million times.

  10. I'm looking forward to Camp NaNo, I love starting new projects :)

  11. Good input is invaluable! Glad you found some. Best of luck with your outlining, and with Camp Nano!

  12. Know exactly what you mean about having a vision for your story in your head. There's so much in my head that doesn't actually get into the MS because it's not completely relevant and I forget that my readers don't have that. Good luck with Camp NaNo!

  13. Love the haircut! I'm too much of a chicken to cut my hair short.
    I love having someone to talk to about my WIPS- it's so invaluable! Have a great week!

  14. Hey there! The thing you did looks very stylin', and good luck on Camp Nanowrimo! I'm counting down the days until July starts too.