Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Camp NaNo Chronicles 2016: Crossing the Finish Line

Welp, I did it

I can't "officially" win until tomorrow, but it doesn't matter. I hit my goal. It got difficult towards the end, I'm not going to lie. My story wanted to wrap up before I was ready. When it did I was about 800 words short of my goal. I had to go back and see where I could add a few paragraphs until I got to the 50k.

I'm actually very happy about how my story ended. It totally deviated from where I wanted it to end, but it was for the better if I do write a second book (and I hope I do someday). I'm going to take a break, then go back to Suspension of Disbelief revisions. Eventually, I'll go back to this one and try to add another 20k-30k to it. We'll see. I definitely think this is one of the best first drafts I've written. It's still crap, believe me, but I could actually use some of this crap during revisions.

What really go me through this however was sprinting with @NaNoWordSprints on twitter. They have sprint leaders running sprints every couple hours. I once sprinted in four thirty minute chunks of time with only short breaks between them. Those sprints helped me reach beyond my daily word count goals.

I also, took some inspiration from the Camp NaNoWriMo Care Packages that popped up in my inbox every now and then. My favorite being Zoraida Cordova's message titled: Light it on Fire. It was about adding an obstacle  to the story to discover something new about your characters. I took it a little too literally...

 Well since I literally wrote the last half of my novel since my last post, it was hard to find a good teaser section. It's a little very rough right now but here it is.

 Step one of the perfect Cinderella story is a grand entrance. I glanced over the top of the stairs, watching the guest dance away. It was Fiona and Gabriella’s turn, playing the part of the “ugly stepsisters.” The twins made their way through the crowd, pushing past the eager girls waiting in line until they reached Cyrus.
Gabriella push away the current girl on his arms while Fiona grabbed onto his hand to dance. This unorthodox method would get him in a state of confusion and rage. As they danced together, Gabriella pulled her sister away from the prince for her turn. Next the fighting began. I’ve seen them fight together to the death, stopping just before taking the life of the other. I was not prepared for the hilarity of slapping hands at each other. Cyrus tried to get away from the madness, but they grabbed on to him, facing him in my direction.
That was my cue.
I stepped to the top of the staircase. Rosemary made sure I was the only girl at the top. Pushing back the others so I was in his line of sight. Cyrus looked up, our eyes locking from the distance. He was far, but my heart rammed in my chest as if he were right next to me. I took one step down the stairs, his eyes followed me as I slowly made my way down.

 All right, that' s what I got for you. I'll probably do an official recap next week, but for now...

Happy Reading!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Camp NaNo Chronicles 2016: Halfway There

This week in Leslie's writing adventures, she will share how determination, sprinting and a little muse helped her reach 25k in the first 10 days of camp.

Well, I've come a long way since last week. With the 10k slump behind me, I face a different challenge as I move forward: staying on track. I know the last chain of events in my novel, now I just have to figure out how to get there. Even though I'm a little less than a week ahead on my word count, I shouldn't get cocky. I can fall behind faster than I rose to the top.

In the end, this is a very sloppy first draft. My inner editor is screaming at me to go back and fix a few plot holes or expand on a  section. But I know if I did that, I would fall into a rabbit hole of editing. With NaNo, it's all about looking forward, not stepping back.

So I look forward to where my story will lead me. What my characters will do, and what they learn on their journey. I look forward to finishing this challenge and hopefully more in the future.

Here is today's teaser:

“How can you trust him, he’s a prince.”
“I don’t,” I muttered. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me Lillian. I know he’s the enemy, but what if he’s not? What if he hasn’t learned about the conspiracy? What if he’s just a pawn like us?”
“No,” Lillian shook her head. “He’s manipulating you. Clearly, he and your father are in on this. Think about it, he’s trying to make you fall in love with him. That’s the only way, he’ll get you back home and take over your kingdom. Snap out of it, Cordelia, you are falling prey to another fairy tale.”

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Camp NaNo Chronicles 2016: First Week Thoughts

With every NaNoWriMo, I participate in, I always ask myself: What is it about this story that excites me? Every year it surprises me how much or how little I care about my story. Sometimes I get into NaNo with a great idea, but as I keep writing, I feel less and less enthused about the project. Other times, I have so much fun writing and putting my MC in outrageous situations then the next thing I
know I've hit 50,000 words. Granted, I've only won twice. Once in November 2012 and again in July 2014.
As I continue to write this year, I keep asking myself, what made those two years different? Will I burn bright and fast, only to fizzle out after hitting 10k, or will I push through and get to the 50k and have another completed manuscript. Every year, I thought I was in love with a project, only to disappoint myself at the end.
Honestly, if I get in my head too much, it would affect my performance. I have to remind myself why I love to write and why I choose to participate in such a challenge as NaNoWriMo. That's seems like to only way to keep the doubts at bay.
I'm a very busy person, but I have been fortunate enough to find time to write this new story. And I'm happy to report that I have passed the 10k mark. I know for me, it's not much of an accomplishment, because that's where I start fizzing out and losing momentum. But as long as I know where I want the story to go, and I remain excited every time I open the word document, I know I will be fine.
Who knows what's in store for me over the next month. I'm just excited to see where this project takes me.

Teaser Tuesday Time! I present to you, Damsels! (Please remember that this is a very very rough NaNo Draft)

The trapdoor creaked slowly, I jumped into my bed and shut my eyes. This was it, my moment of truth. “Princess Cordelia?” My prince said, gently tapping my. My eyes fluttered open, to see the face of my one true love.
He wasn’t unattractive, I guess, just sweaty. He did kill a dragon after all. His black hair was either sweaty or greasy, I couldn’t tell. His teeth were far too big for his mouth, but other than that, he was okay I guess. He was a prince after all.
“My prince,” I smiled. He leaned in close, this was it, true love’s kiss, well a sweaty, gross true loves kiss, but my happily ever after was sealed.
Before his lip could touch mine, he coughed. Blood sprayed from his mouth onto my face, a hand grabbed his shoulder, pulled him back and impaled him with a sword. My prince dropped to his knees, revealing a tall masked figure in black, pulling their sword from his chest.

“Your tower is a bitch to climb, no wonder he walked up. Thanks for the rope.”