Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Keeping the Pace: NaNo Chronicles pt 3

Week three is upon us. Last week as predicted I fell behind. Not by a lot, but I was behind on the word count for a few days. Honestly it was school. I had papers and test and all that jazz. I knew it was going to happen. On Friday I left for Thanksgiving break. I spent the entire car ride home typing. In the end in about three and a half hours I got 2,500 words written. I was completely caught up. Saturday was my first free day in a while. I reached 30k which is amazing in itself. So I set a goal for the weekend to be at 32k and by Sunday night I made my goal.
Monday I set my goal a little higher. My plan was to reach 35k. I got to 37k. 37,000 words. That's the farthest I have gotten in years. Yep. I really want to finish early because I know next week will be hectic. If I keep up this pace I will be there in no time. The key for me this week is to keep going. If there is a muse just go with it. Even when I reached my goal I still had the urge to keep going.
Also if you are on twitter there are a lot of ways you could connect with other NaNoers and bump up your word count.@NaNoWordSprints constantly has different challenges and sprints to participate in. A sprint is when you write as much as you can nonstop until the time  runs out. Usually to keep your juices flowing they give you a prompt or a challenge to add to your novel like "Include something about mirrors, glass, and/or reflections" or "write a scene in a graveyard!".  It is optional but it is a lot of fun. Also authors Susan Dennerd (Something Strange and Deadly) and Sarah J. Maas (The Throne of Glass) Host a NaNoWriMoBattle everyday on twitter around 3pm. Three thirty minute rounds of continuous writing. It's tons of fun and it's awesome to know published authors are going through the same thing as you and are very supportive. I love NaNoWriMo.
All right it's teaser time.

            The Gray Eagle and the Vine Vixen were on the front page of every newspaper in Caperville the next day. This kiss was worse than the first. Now everyone knew we were dating. Susan and Grayson and the Gray Eagle and the Vine Vixen. Lovely.
            Darcy was in a very good mood the next day. Her outfit was mentioned in the article.
            “The Vine Vixen, wearing a fabulous new black suit…”
            That was all it said. But Darcy was ecstatic. “I can start a business you know. Making superhero costumes I mean. Not just for you, but anyone who wants to dress like a superhero. I have been thinking about this for a while. The fashion industry is so hard to get into I need a gimmick. Superhero couture, genius right?”
            “Genius,” I said halfheartedly. Other things were on my mind.
            “What is wrong?”
            “Nothing,” I lied.
            “You are lying. Tell me what’s up?”
            “I ducked out of the house this morning before I saw Aunt Lexie. She still does not know about Grayson. Well I guess she knows now.”
            “You two have been dating for over three months and you still have not told her?”
            “Aunt Lexie is not a fan of the Gray Eagle. Ever since the first kiss. Now that this happened, now that we are in the newspaper. I do not even know.”
            “Invite him over to dinner,” she said. “Let the two meet. Remember you were not a Gray Eagle fan when you first met. Grayson is a great guy. I am sure she will like him.”

So how is everybody else's writing going? What is your typical pacing? Have you participated in any sprints?

Happy Writing

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