Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Busy Week: NaNoWriMo Chronicled pt. 4

So basically I have six zillion things to do this week so my post about what happened last week will be on Friday. What I can tell you now is that I reached 50,000 words and I have no ending.

Here is a teaser:

            I arrive at Grayson’s at seven on the dot. I knocked. There was no answer. I knocked again. Still no answer. I press my ear against the door, I could hear pots and pans rattling and the faint beep of a smoke detector. Without hesitation I pushed open the door using my powers. Grayson was trying to put out a small fire on the stove with a fire extinguisher. He was a mess. His hair was sticking up and flour was all over his face and apron. Once the fire was out he sighed in relief.
            I started laughing, he looked up and finally noticed me. “Susan,” he walked over to me, but slipped on something and landed right on his back. I kept laughing. He groaned. “I am so sorry. I tried to make chicken parmesan and everything turned out to be a disaster. And this day was going so well.”
            I went over to him and helped him up, being careful not to get flour on Darcy’s dress. “Grayson, you just made my day a thousand times better.”
            “How so?”
            “Do not get me wrong,” I said. “I really liked your whole romancing me throughout the day thing, but what I love is seeing you fall apart. You tired so hard to be Mr. Perfect for months. Nobody is that perfect. It is great to know that my boyfriend can make mistakes.”

Good luck to everyone finishing up NaNoWriMo. :D

Happy Writing!


  1. I looooove the name Grayson!

    And oooooh, powers! Nice ^_^

    Congrats on hitting 50k, ending or no ending.

    1. Thanks, after this week I will be revising then getting to the ending. Hopefully in revisions I will find a better way to explain how she actually knocks down the door.