Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What's Up Wednesday 10/1/14

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme for readers and writers to give updates on what's happening in their lives. If you want to find out to find out more check out Jaime Morrow's blog and Erin Funk's blog to sign up.

What I'm Reading: I'm reading Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. I bought it the other day and I'm enjoying every bit of it. Hats off to any writer who can write high fantasy. I can never write such a complicated world with it's own history.
I also took a trip to the local library yesterday. Not the best selection of young adult fiction, I had to request Isla and the Happily Ever After. Grr, I needed to read that like a month ago.
Not pictured: Maze Runner, which I gave to my cousin

What I'm Writing:  Since it's officially I month before NaNoWriMo, I'm going to start outlining my next NaNo Novel. November is going to be a very busy month for me at work, but if I get enough enthusiasm for the project then I'm sure I can do it. I'm torn between the magical realism twin body swapping novel that I've been sitting on for years and the theatre contemporary I thought of last week. Both have their pros and cons. I feel like since I haven't had the momentum to write the body swapping novel, I won't complete it. But I also have no idea what the theatre contemporary will be about. Maybe it won't be contemporary. I just don't know. I have a whole month to think about it.  

What Works For Me: Knowing the ending. I say I'm half-planner/half-panster, but if there is one thing I know for sure is how I'm going to end the novel. It gives me somewhere to go when writing. Sometimes I stray from my original plan, but the essence is still the same. It works for me, so if I am going to write a theatre contemporary than, I should start thinking about the ending.

What Else I've Been Up To: This weekend, me and a couple of stage managers I knew on the internet launched a group blog on tumblr. The main focus of the blog was to brings stage managers and theatre technicians blogger together. We basically listed over 200 stage managers and theatre technicians on tumblr and created a master list of their blogs. It took a lot of work, but it was worth it.

What's up with you? How is your week going?

Happy Reading!


  1. I am thinking about doing NaNo this year :-) I´ll definitely cheer you on! I am currently learning how to outline a bit more, which is exciting and a bit frightening. I think I´m going to be half/half but there are a few tricks that seem to work well. Happy reading to you too and have a lovely week!

  2. CROWN OF MIDNIGHT is fantastic! I'm about to start HEIR OF FIRE, and I can't wait.

    I'm half-plotter, half-pantser, too - I have to work with an outline, but it always changes as I go along and the characters surprise me. Best of luck with the NaNo planning! :)

  3. These posts are really just a way for me to expand my reading lists because I never stumbled upon books I've read -- only books I want to read! But I love well-crafted worlds of high fantasy because it's the kind of writing I could never achieve; it's a level of detail and intricacy my brain just can't fathom right now. I'll have to put Maas on my reading list.

    Best of luck with NaNo! I'm not sure yet if this is a year I'll participate or not, but cheering on NaNoers is a yearly commitment I love. I look forward to more of your NaNo posts throughout planning and writing these next months.

  4. CROWN OF MIDNIGHT is such a good book. I have HEIR OF FIRE on my shelf and still haven't gotten to it, which is sort of crazy. I've been waiting on it forever, so you'd think I would have jumped on it right away. I'm amazed by authors who can successfully create a whole other world. So hard to do! Good luck deciding on a NaNo project. I'm sure you'll pick the best project for you. Here's hoping a solid ending comes to you ASAP. :D

  5. I'm so far out of the loop with reading that it's getting sad. I desperately need to read ISLA. I thought about going for NaNo but I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish my current WIP this month and I don't want to jump right into another one so soon. Good luck with outlining!

  6. I agree about knowing the ending of a novel during the planning stages. I've read too many books where the end just fizzles out, and to me, since everything is building to that point, it should be the best part of the book, not just something tacked on as an afterthought. Great point! I hope a good ending comes to you, regardless of which project you pick to work on! :)

  7. I'm spending October outlining my Nanowrimo project, too! I started writing it for Nano a few years ago, but didn't make it past day 10 that year because of Life Happening. Time to give these people another shake. This time with a PLAN.

  8. Good luck with your nano planning. I've decided to try a bit more plotting this time around. Hopefully you can decide which story to write!