Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Roadtrip Day 1

The Holiday Road Trip is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors post several questions each day about the books you've read through the year. We have several different questions for each day. Answer one, answer a few, answer them all: anything goes! You can draw from books that were new in 2012, or ones that were new to you---this is just a great opportunity to reflect on the year of reading you enjoyed.

                              Today's Holiday Road Trip Questions:

- Best Book Of The Year
- Most Unexpectedly Delightful Book Of The Year
- Book I Wanted To Hate But Couldn't Because Game Recognize Game*
Book I Can't Get Out Of My Mind
- Best "New To Me" YA Author

I'm only answering the ones I put in bold. I didn't read much this year for a number of reasons, but of the books I did read I really enjoyed. 

Best Book of the YearThe Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Do I really have to explain why I loved this book? It's charming, funny and I cried like a baby for hours after reading it. Well done John Green, well done.

Book I Can't Get Out Of My MindCinder by Marissa Meyer. I pulled an all nighter to read that book. I literally did not get any sleep the night after I finished it. If you remember from an earlier post I wrote a semi crazed fan email to her the minute after I finished the book. I can't wait for Scarlet. I just downloaded the prequel Glitches for my nook. I'll start it once the Holiday season is over.

Best "New To Me" YA Author: I thought really hard about this question and I decided not to go with a 2012 debut author because they are all new authors. So I chose Rachel Vincent. I bought a copy of Soul Screamers: Volume One at Target this summer it's a large book containing My Soul to Lose (a prequel novellas) My Soul to Take and My Soul to Save. I wasn't expecting much since I never heard of the series before that day. I bought it on a whim and I was not disappointed. The second volume is already out I think. I might have to pick that up soon...

There's my list. I'll be back tomorrow with more questions. If you want to participate check out

Happy Reading!


  1. The Fault in Our Stars was one of the books I considered too, it was definitely on my top five!:) And I absolutely love Rachel Vincent, but I like her adult series more than her YA.

  2. I've never heard of Rachel Vincent. I'll have to look her up!

  3. Couldn't agree more about The Fault In Our Stars. So phenomenal! I love how much you loved Cinder :) It was such a neat book!

  4. There is a special edition of The Fault in Our Stars I'm going to pick up in January and I will finally read it! I can't believe how many lists I've seen it on.

    And I LOVED Cinder! Definitely looking forward to Scarlet in Feburary!

    Here is my long post!