Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Road Trip Day 3

The Holiday Road Trip is a ‘Blog Carnival,’ where YA Highway's contributors post several questions each day about the books you've read through the year. We have several different questions for each day. Answer one, answer a few, answer them all: anything goes! You can draw from books that were new in 2012, or ones that were new to you---this is just a great opportunity to reflect on the year of reading you enjoyed.

Today's Holiday Road Trip Questions:

                                                                         - Best "I Want To Go To There" Setting in a Book
                                    - Favorite YA Characters

I didn't post anything Tuesday because I was too busy with my family. You know, because it was Christmas. And then Wednesday, well I'm posting this at midnight so I think it counts.

Now for best "I want to go to there" settings I'm pretty wimpy so there are tons of places in YA literature that I would not like to go. ***cough cough*** Panem ***cough cough*** Also I would not survive in places where there are mythical creatures roaming about in secret or in public.

I would however like to go to real destinations like some characters in books. Like Hazel Grace in The Fault in Our Stars I would love to go to Amsterdam. Anywhere in Europe actually. London, Rome, Paris, I just want to travel.

If I had to pick a fictional place that is 100% safe I to live guess it would be Genovia. I wouldn't want to be royalty like Princess Mia, that's too much responsibly. But I would love to go to a place and be fancy.

Happy Reading!

PS- Don't kill me, but I would not want to go to Hogwarts, I would not survive a day there. 

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