Monday, September 2, 2013

Senior Year

Sorry I've been MIA for a while. I've been nonstop since I returned to school two weeks ago. The first few days I had to run auditions and call backs for the show I'm stage managing this fall. Then classes started .On top of that, I coordinated a 24 Hour Play Fest that went up this weekend. I'm still not fully recovered. Thankfully it's Labor Day, so I can breathe and relax.
It still hasn't hit me that I'm a senior in college yet. I've said it out loud several times, but it hasn't quite set in yet. Maybe it will second semester. I'm keeping myself busy with theatre (what's new) and writing. Now that the 24 Hour Play Fest is over, I can concentrate on other things, like sleep, school, reading and writing.
In my three years here in college I've learned how valuable time is. Since this year will by far be the busiest I have to take everything one step at a time. I can't really bank on keeping a schedule. College likes to play games with me. The minute I get comfortable doing one thing, college throws a curve ball and I'm doing something else or juggling two things at once. In my three years here I still haven't gotten a the hang of it. But it's okay.
My goal for this year is simple.
Take things slow.
This is my final year in college. I've missed out on a ton of opportunities because I was moving a mile a minute. I need to take everything in and hypothetically smell the roses (my allergies are going crazy).  
Senior year is going to be amazing.

Happy Reading!

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