Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Lovin'

GAH!!! How is everything going? I've missed you. So my copy of The Hunger Games has migrated to my bookshelf this past week, and it remains untouched!!! I'm so bad at this.
As you knowI’ve stated may times on my blog/twitter about how hesitant I am to read the Hunger Games trilogy. So far I heard nothing but good things about them. I want to read them. I’m going to read them. I just haven’t yet. Right now I’m under a lot of pressure because of the movie coming out next year. Spoilers suck. So I have to read fast.
When it first came out the Hunger Games didn’t really appeal to me. Violence and bloodshed is not really my thing. Ever since the movie was announced it’s been all I hear about on twitter and Yahoo news. I feel kind of out of the loop. Plus, Josh Hutcherson is in it. He's one of my many celebrity crushes. He's not as well known as he should be, but once that movie comes out all the fan girls are going to be all like "OMG I love Josh Hutcherson. Go Team Peeta." I haven't started the books, but I'm pretty sure he's a big deal. So I just want everyone to know that I liked him before he go big.
It's summer time. It's hot. Since this is a blog about chocolate I should inform you that milkshakes are an awesome summer treat that will cool you off on a hot summer day. It's like summer's answer to hot chocolate.I have a question. What is cold hot chocolate? Is it just chocolate milk? I saw a commercial advertising iced hot chocolate. That's weird right?
Happy Reading!
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