Monday, April 20, 2015

In Tech

So I missed last week's blog for various reasons i.e. Leslie's never ending tale of technology woes. But here is a quick post about

What I'm Working On: I'm very very behind on my Camp NaNo project. because of stress I lowered my word count to 30,000 words, but I still haven't been able to write much.

Goal for the Week: Just write at this point I don't care if I finish or not, I just want to keep the momentum going for this story. I like it and I really do want to finish, but it just won't be this month.

Other News: In tech week at work right now. Super busy, but it's a good busy. It keeps my mind off other things in my life. I have a dance show this week and then four more concerts all next week. YAY!

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