Sunday, August 26, 2012

College Life Recap #1

Yay. It's only been the first week but I can already tell you that I've made a lot of changes in my writing routine (i.e. I'm actually writing).
Baby steps.
This happened. Little did he know I stole his Lucky Charms.
Classes are good. I've already dropped a class after one day and swapped it for a new one. I also had to drop a really fun class because I thought it counted as a GenEd but it didn't. Boo. But I did a required class for my minor so that's fun. I have homework. I'm totally doing my homework early (okay I'm lying, but I am actually turning it in). Yeah. Big change for me.
I have a lot of required reading and since I'm actually doing homework this year, I'm doing the readings. So reading for fun time is limited. What's new. Usually it's the internet keeps me from reading, now it's reading. Weird right?
If you missed my deceptive room tour video, here it is. 
I'm still Vlogging. Morphinominal Mondays will resume. So stay tuned. I'll also be making other videos. If any of you have suggestions leave a comment below or on one of my videos. Or you can tweet me.
So what's new with you? For those of you who started school (high school or college) how is adjusting to the changes. Don't you just miss summer?
Happy Reading!

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