Thursday, December 29, 2011

As 2011 ends...

Looking back on my year I kinda epically failed on the blogging part of my resolution as well as my reading and writing goals. Also my vlogging failed in the most epic way possible. That didn’t last long. I actually tired to make a vlog several times and I was going to post all of the bloopers up on YouTube this break, but my laptop crashed and I lost almost all of my files. However this year wasn’t entirely an epic fail on my part. I READ THE HUNGERS GAMES.


It was peer pressure mostly. I was working on a show and the dressing room chatter was all about the Hungers Games. I hate spoilers so started again and finished within days. I’m still on Catching Fire so no spoilers. It took me a long time to get into it. But after I got through with part one I could not stop reading. (This was a problem because it was midnight and I had class at nine the next morning.) All I could say now is I’m hooked. Peer pressure is bad.

In writing I have epically failed upon epic failure. I’ve dabbled with a few story ideas but they never fell through. Since my laptop crashed I’ve had more time to sit down at my desk at home and write. And the creative juice kept flowing. Maybe the main problem was that I could not just sit on my bed and try to write with my laptop because it’s too distracting. I’ve written more this past week without my laptop than I written this year. I defiantly have to take this into consideration when I go back to school.

This year had its ups and downs, but I think through all of this chaos I’ve found clarity. I learned from my mistakes and when next year rolls along I could better myself as a reader, writer, and person.

Happy Reading!

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  1. Nothing you do is an epic failure. Just think of it as part of the journey of life. We all imagine all of the possibilities and try to fit them all in a day, a month or a year. You just have to focus on a few important things and just continue to be the best person you can yourself and to others... Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!