Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Challenges. Are You Up For It?

     2010 is over. Rather than dwelling on the past, we shall start anew. Hello, I’m Leslie and this is Reading, Writing, and Chocolate. Before, Reading Writing and Chocolate was just me blabbing about what I read, what I write and the chocolate I regretted eating. Well not anymore. From now on Reading, Writing and Chocolate is going to be about US.
     Like a mentioned a few post ago, this will a challenge blog. Each month I will give out reading and writing challenges for you and I to fulfill. Before I unveil the first challenge I have two things. First who’s actually reading this? Seriously I want to know if you are up to the challenge. So just leave a comment at the end of this post saying you read the post and you want in. Sweet.
     Second, in 2009 my New Year’s resolution was to read 100 books by the end of the year. I did it and I was so proud of myself. The next year I wanted to do it again…I failed. So this year it will be a year-long challenge 100 book before New Year’s Day 2012. Are you up for it? If you can’t do 100 than pick a reasonable number and try to reach your goal. At the end of each month I will attach a list what books I read that month to the end of my challenge round up post. You could say what you read in the comments of that post as well to keep me updated on your progress. Included in the 100 books, I plan to read:

The Hunger Games Series
3 Sarah Dessen novels
All seven Harry Potter Books before the last movie
Pride and Prejudice
Jane Eyre

     That is my personal challenge in because I’ve been avoided these books for too long (except for Harry Potter that’s for fun.)
     I will also be taking my hand in book reviews. That is where you come in, I will pick one suggested book from you guys each month and do a review on it. YA only and it has to be fairly new. Twelve months, twelve book reviews. Yep I have my work cut out for me. Leave your suggestions in the comments.
     Finally January’s challenge! Forget what I said about dwelling in the past. The past is the inspiration for our first challenge. Pick a book from your past and read it. Simple really. It could be a classic, an old novel you haven’t picked up in a long time or even a childhood favorite (no picture books.) This challenge is more of a commitment challenge can we take the time out of our busy lives and read something from our past. Take the time to think why you liked the book, where you got it and fond memories. That is my challenge to you. Are you up to it?

Happy Reading!

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