Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Reading Edition: July 17

This is my first (and only) post from my iPod touch. I bought the iPod today and can't put it down. But that's not what I'm bloging about. The challenge for this month was supposed to be reading a genre that you don't read as much. Mine was normal fiction. No magic, no ghost, no superpowers. So since I never read a book written by Sarah Dessen I was going to read three by the end of the month. Little did I know that her books are really long. So I will probably finnish only one due to the high demand for her books at my library and my lack of book money. I have Lock and Key at home and will crack into it ASAP. How are you doing? If you still want to join you can!

Happy Reading!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Reading Edition July

Last month was a lot of fun. Even though I didn’t reach my goal of reading five new releases in June, I did read a lot. Personally I blame my lack of money. It stopped me from purchasing my own copy of the books. Here are all the books I’ve read last month. The Bolded titles are the books that were released last month. The titles in purple are books I own.

1. Violet Eyes by Debbie ViguiƩ

2. Forgive my Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

3. Insatiable by Meg Cabot

4. Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy

5. Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barns

6. Ghost Huntress: Awakening by Marley Gibson

7. Ghost Huntress: Guidance by Marley Gibson

Looking back at what I read, I realize I really didn’t do well with my challenge. Five out of the seven books I read last month have been paranormal/fantasy and if I would have finished Dark Flame by Alyson Noel a day earlier my list would still be heavy on the paranormal/fantasy side. The truth of the matter is that I find it hard to read normal book about real life. Don’t get me wrong I still read the normal stuff, just not as much.

So I have a challenge for you readers. What kind of books have you not really given a chance? Does your list contain more mysteries that dramas. Have you had a hard time picking up a paranormal romance? So for July’s challenge for Reading Writing and Chocolate’s Summer Reading Edition, I challenge you to pick up three books you never thought you would read and read them by the end of the month.

Confession time. I’ve never read a Sarah Dessen book. There I said it. I have never read a book written by Sarah Dessen. Never. Not one. So my goal is to read three of her books this month. Any Suggestions?

With that said. Post below what kind of books you don’t read that much and by the end of the month tell me what you’ve read and if you liked them.

Happy Reading!

PS. What kind of chocolate confection are you munching on this Independence Day?