Friday, August 13, 2010

Revising, Writing and Chocolate

Yeah I’m procrastinating. Right now I should be finishing up putting in my final revisions for my manuscript on the computer before I requery.

This little bugger needs another 4k
What I’m really doing is staring at the document on my computer thinking “why am I doing this?” I should have given up earlier this year when the rejections were coming in by the truck load. The reason I haven’t is simple. I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

Back in high school I was an active member of the drama club. When I auditioned for one of the plays at the end of the year, I didn’t get in. I was crushed. I worked so hard at my audition and to top it all of it was my senior year. Devastated, I stared doubting myself and wondered if I was cut out for show business. A few weeks later my friend told me about a play the local theatre was having auditions for. She explained that the role I should audition for would be good fit for me. So a few weeks later I auditioned and got the lead role.

In the end everything really did happen for a reason. If I would’ve made my school play I never would have auditioned for the other one and got the lead. The same thing goes for querying. Maybe all those rejections telling me the manuscript is “not the right fit” really means it’s not the right fit. Maybe one day I’ll find the right fit just like I did with the part. Who knows? The right fit could be my dream agent.

However, I did do a lot of research on the play before I auditioned. (Life Lesson) The same should go with querying. RESEARCH AND FOLLOW GUIDELINES!!! There was one time, ONE TIME, I did not follow guidelines. Boy did I feel like an idiot. That won’t happen again.

To the right you see my zombie cell phone. When it dies it comes back to life. Mug is not filled with coffee.
Now that it’s all out, what am I doing now? Well I’m defiantly surprised I used now twice in a sentence. Currently I’m staring at my hard copy thinking “I can do this…and this might not be my final revisions after all. Oh I hope I get this done before I leave for school. I’ll be too busy when I get there to finish this. I want some chocolate. There’s pudding in the fridge. Wait no it’s moose pudding. Did I use the right moose? I should check, there should be a u in it. Phone’s ringing, crap.” Okay that was long. Well I got my pudding mousse and spoon. Yum. Now it’s time to dig into this manuscript and GIT-R-DONE!

Happy reading!
Yummy Mousse Pudding.

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