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In Review: Troy High

Here's the stroy. The seniors at my school were supposed to read the Homer's The Iliad during the first semester. I could honestly tell you that I did not read it. I did, however, listen to my teacher summerize  it and we also watched Troy, so I pretty much got the basis of the story. Flash forward to Christmas, I got this wonderful book called Troy High by Shana Norris.

Troy High is a modern retelling of The Iliad. I loved the book so much, I wrote a review for my school newspaper. So for my first offical blog post here is my reveiw of Troy High.

In Review: Troy High

This is a story for all the seniors who loved Homer’s classic tale, The Iliad, and for the ones who didn’t bother reading it. Substitute warring kingdoms for rivaling high schools, an out of control warrior with a football player with anger issues, and a wooden horse with a homecoming float, and you get Troy High.

The story follows Cassie, an outsider in her own high school despite brothers being football royalty. She finds solace in her best friend from band camp, Greg. There is only one problem. She attends Troy High and Greg goes to Lacede, their rival school. Greg’s brother is Lucas, star quarterback for the Spartans and is dating the most beautiful girl in school Elena.

Before the school year begins, the school board expands the school districts lines to prevent overcrowding in Lacede. Many unwilling Spartans, including the beautiful Elena, are forced to attend Troy High. Elena quickly attaches herself to the only person she knows, Cassie. There she falls hard for Cassie’s brother Perry, dumps Lucas, causing him to declare war on Troy.

As Elena’s popularity grows at Troy, so does Cassie’s. Hunter, her other brother and Perry warn her about hanging out with the Spartan, Greg, worried that she will betray them. Cassie’s loyalties are tested as each school pulls one elaborate prank after another. In the end she must decide between her brothers or her best friend.

Troy High by Shana Norris spins The Iliad into a modern day tale. The character traits as well as the names are parallel to the classic. Hector and Paris are football stars Hunter and Perry. Helen of Troy is Elena, the head cheerleader. Brothers Lucas and Greg Mennon are the Spartan leaders Menelaus and Agamemnon. The wild Achilles is Ackley, a defensive lineman with a grudge against Hunter for breaking his ankle in a game.

Cassie is Cassandra the Seer, the Trojan princess who was cursed with premonitions, but no one would believe her. Cassie, like Cassandra, had dreams of nothing but bad things for Troy. Since the story is in Cassie’s point of view, the novel sways away from the “glitz and glamour” of the popular crowd at Troy High and focuses on the outsider watching the chaos unfold.

Troy High is a wonderful novel filled with romance, rivalry and an explosive ending…literally.

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