Monday, March 29, 2010

Having time to read.

I honestly have the hardest time trying to find time to read. I have school, play rehearsal, work and life. How can I possible have time to read? Take this weekend for example when I was trying to read Albatross by Josie Bloss (great book by the way). I started Saturday morning and I got really into it. Unfortunately I had to do chores. Then the power went out before I started. So I read more. Afterwards I had to go to work. By the time I got home the power was still out and it was too dark to read. Sunday I read some more, I was so close to being finished I had to lock myself in my room before work. I finished.

This morning I recorded the book on my list of books read in 2010. It was book #16!!! Really? By this time last year I was on book #30!!! The thing is I have not had much time to read this year. Why you may ask? I HAVE NO IDEA!!! It’s not work because I don’t work much and it’s not play rehearsal or school because I had that last year and that didn’t stop me from reading 100 books!!!

The point it I have to make time to read. I guess it’s the Senioritis. So what did the doctor prescribe? A good book and a chocolate bar. I hope that will cure me.

Happy Reading!

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