Saturday, March 20, 2010

Author Appreciation Week: Make Up Days

I apologize a thousand times for not blogging for TWO DAYS. Anyway to make up for the day days lost I will have my last two authors in the same post.

Day Four Make Up

Lauren Myracle has been a big inspiration and I appreciate her so much. She has had to deal will a lot of censorship and challenging a few years now. What really makes me appreciate her is her attitude towards every issue she faces. I love how she takes the high road and keeps moving on.

That’s why I have to say “Lauren Myracle I appreciate you and good luck.”

Day Five Make Up
I would have to say that Meg Cabot is my biggest influence. I have been reading her books since I was twelve and she is one of the reasons I want to be an author. I literally counted all of the books she has written from the inside of Being Nikki a while back. I was really impressed. Now it seems like she’s releasing about four books a year.

With that I say “Hey Meg Cabot, I appreciate you and keep up the good work.”

That concludes my authors for Author Appreciation Week. I'll be back to my regular routine next week.
Happy Reading

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